Prince Harry ‘prepared to confront his past’ in upcoming book ‘Spare’

Prince Harry is now prepared to confront his past in his upcoming memoir Spare after years of being forced to stay quiet about his grief over his mother Diana’s death, an astrologer has said.

Expert astrologer Joy Yascone-Elms opened up about Prince Harry’s astrological charts to shed a light on his actions in the upcoming months, including the release of his memoir Spare and its contents.

Talking to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Yascone-Elms said: “He was forced to keep quiet as a child. Yet now as an adult, he feels liberated to speak up.”

“He does know that this book release and other projects may come riddled with consequences. Yet he is prepared to confront his past, his pain and face any perceived consequences,” she added.

Yascone-Elms continued: “As a child, he was not permitted to mourn his mother in the public eye. He was not permitted to have his process. That process of liberation begins now for Harry. And in some ways, he feels he is taking a stand for his mother whom he could not protect as a child.”