Prestwich foodie entrepreneur takes a bite of the snack market with new Airsnax

A Prestwich-based foodie entrepreneur has launched a new line of healthier, nutritious, chickpea-based puffed snacks this month. Bursting with flavor and health information, Airsnax is vegan, gluten-free, high in fiber and protein, low in calories and most importantly, tasty and satisfying.

On a mission to fight hunger with healthy, the 30g packaged snacks are designed to take consumers from meal to meal, averaging between 115 calories per serving. bag. There are four flavors in the range – salted, salt and vinegar, black pepper and sweet chili.

They are made using a combination of chickpeas, green peas and yellow peas and carefully selected ingredients to create a satisfying snack that tastes great and provides a great source of fiber, protein and overall goodness.

Created by Nati Azar, the new snacks were born out of a desire for a snack that ticked all the boxes in and fit into today’s modern lifestyle and eating habits.

Utilizing the growing demand for nutritious, tasty and convenient salty snacks, Airsnax appeals to consumers with a ‘think before you buy’ mentality that looks at the nutritional content, enjoys plant-based foods and balances their diet with gluten-free, low-calorie foods. Healthy snacking is growing at a tremendous rate, and the Airsnax founder saw a hole in the market to deliver a better product to you who were also saturated.

The founder and CEO of Airsnax, Nati Azar, worked in the real estate sector and began to draw attention to her own well-being and health. He made changes in his food choices, eating habits and exercised more to increase his immunity and improve his mental and physical well-being. He found that healthy snacks were a challenge, either too many calories, too much sugar or low in protein or fiber, so get started on your own.

Nati says: “Food is such an important part of our lives, so why not make it both fun and nourishing. I’m so excited to see my idea come to life and I really believe we’ve created the ideal snack. to today’s busy lifestyle and eating habits, plus the branding and packaging are so vibrant, youthful and cool, we are confident it will stand out on the shelf.

“Many demographics want to eat healthier, consume products without the use of animal products, cut down on gluten consumption and generally eat better-for-you snacks. These were important factors for me and I know they are essential for many people. purchasing decisions.

“While our key audience is Gen Z and millennials, they are, in fact, for anyone looking for a healthy, wholesome, satisfying snack to consume on the go or at home. We see them go well with beer and cider without and with low alcohol content, and intervene in the trend of moderation and mindful eating and drinking. Whether you meet with friends, picnics and gatherings in the park or on public transport and road trips, there are opportunities for snacks and we can not wait for people to try them.

“Our main line is ‘snacks are not healthy if they leave you hungry’ and I’m really sure Airsnax will be warmly welcomed by those looking for healthier snacks and those who love to experiment with new foods.

“They are listed at wholesalers, so they will go into health food stores and natural retailers from April. In addition, we talk to wholesalers, supermarkets, retailers and local stores to secure listings – our natural heartland will be health food stores, vegan and gluten-free times in multiples, fitness cafes, high street diners and delicacies and even vending machines.

“Consumers are constantly looking for new and unusual options in the snack bar, perhaps choosing something they may not have heard of and are curious to try. Airsnax satisfies the urge for a tasty hit and brings new flavor and texture to snacks. “

Airsnax is available to retailers now at a price of £ 1 for a 30g bag, with an average of 115 calories per serving. package.

They come in four flavors – salted, salt and vinegar, black pepper and sweet chili – and can be purchased directly from the website for £ 11 for a box of 12 packs.

Nati Azar has previously worked in real estate investing for over 20 years with a range of residential and commercial properties in the North West region of England.

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