Power Rangers’ Pink Rangers unite in jawless art from different eras

The main cover of Power Rangers Universe # 4 features a series of Pink Rangers from five different eras thanks to Mighty Morphin artist Dan Mora.

The first look of BOOM! Studies Power Rangers Universe # 4 includes a number of beautiful covers with Pink Ranger. The main cover especially shows a number of Pink Rangers from different eras of Power Rangers that fans of the series will appreciate.

Power Rangers universe is a limited series event with six tracks that will explore the teams within the Power Rangers series as well as reveal the origins of characters like the Phantom Ranger and other hidden aspects of this beloved world. This current story revolves around the legendary Morphin Masters for the very first time, taking place forever before the current Power Rangers came into being. This feels like the Power Rangers franchise that matches it High Republic comics are for Star wars franchise that expands the world as a whole with lots of new content that fans can grab and potentially be further explored in future series, limited or otherwise.


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The official BOM! Studies Twitter released the tweet below and teases off the fourth issue Power Rangers universe, which shows four of the five front pages of their first look article linked to in the post. Their website also has five preview pages from the edition. The main cover is by Dan Mora, whose art previously graced the pages of several BOOM! Study series such as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Once & Futureand WWE. This cover especially unites five different eras of the Pink Rangers from the series Mighty morphine, SPD, Megakraft, Dino Chargeand Time force. Mora will also make the incentive variant for the series. He has made the main covers for each issue of this limited series with a different ranger divided as follows: # 1 is Red Ranger, # 2 is Blue Ranger, # 3 is Yellow Ranger, # 5 is Black Ranger, and # 6 is Green Ranger.

The tweet also shows the complete creative team of the limited series: author Nicole Andelfinger (Jim Hensons The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance), artist Simone Ragazzoni (Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn), coloring Mattia Iacono (Brilliant black), letter writer Ed Dukeshire (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), and all four cover artists. In addition to the beautiful head cover with five different Pink Rangers, each of the lovely variant covers will showcase a specific Pink Ranger. Two of the variant cover artists, Mighty morphine artists Keyla Valerio and Goñi Montes, showcasing the Pink Ranger with its trademark bow. Stray dogs the artist Helena Masellis has a similar approach to the background as Montes. Finally, in the front page that is not shown in the Twitter post, but it is in the official first look at the question that is Catwoman artist Jeff Dekals cover. It requires an unconventional gray and white color scheme background approach to compliment the white in the Pink Rangers suit rather than the pink.

The main conflict in this issue will focus on the Morphin Masters, who deal with their burnout from the search for raw Grid Energy as well as keeping the Morphinaut alive during battle. All five front pages of Power Rangers Universe # 4 will be available for fans to pick up in comic book stores or order from BOOM! Studios webshop on March 23, 2022. The edition will also be available on digital platforms such as comiXology and Google Play.

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