Police checkpoint set up near the Metro Vancouver border crossing

The Surrey RCMP has set up a checkpoint en route to the Pacific Highway border crossing.

The checkpoint was set up due to the continued convoy protests in the area. A group of protesters against COVID-19 vaccine regulations and mask mandates arrived in the region over the weekend.

“Police are in the area and monitoring the situation as there were planned convoys across the region over the weekend and into the week,” Cpl said. Vanessa Munn in another email Vancouver is amazing.

James Bauder, one of the leaders of the Ottawa convoy protests, arrived in Surrey on Sunday evening (March 20) with a group of supporters. On Facebook, they announced intentions to protest at the border; Bauder also said they would send convoys to protest at local media stations like Global and CBC. They have also said there are plans for humanitarian aid around Vancouver.

The group, which calls itself Bearhug now, has a camp located in the Metro Vancouver area, but does not reveal where it is in public; only those registered to take part in the convoy protests are allowed to know.

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