People in Toronto are hating the latest update to the Green P parking app

The Green P app makes paying for parking a lot more convenient in the city…most of the time. 

While it’s great to not have to go up to a parking meter and let our phones do the work, sometimes technology makes us want to throw our phones out the window.

That’s especially the case when we have to navigate through confusing and unwarranted updates. 

The Green P app’s most recent update is a perfect example of that frustration. The whole interface is different from what it used to be, making it hard for its users to choose correct parking times and understand its new, cluttered design. 

Vehicle owners that used to be able to easily input their desired parking time in a designated window are now confronted with a graph that is hard to read, misleading and downright user-unfriendly.

There are also “quick times” selections that have not been on the app before, guiding a potential user to select a timing and price they didn’t sign up for. In general, the new screen is much busier, and much more difficult to navigate than ever before. 

Most importantly, users have not been notified in advance of the update, suddenly forced to make sense of its new design the next time they paid for parking. 

People have not been fans of the Toronto Parking Authority’s decision to authorize these changes, to say the very least. 

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