Outdoor herring banned in Ottawa

Ottawa Fire Services is implementing a city-wide fire ban with immediate effect.

All outdoor fires, even on properties with open-air fire permits, are prohibited, the fire brigade said on Friday. The ban applies to agricultural burns, brush pile burns, campfires and wood-fired outdoor fireplaces.

Devices that do not need a permit (propane, ethanol and natural gas fireplaces and grills) are not included.

The fire department implemented the ban due to environmental conditions, including a large amount of dry vegetation, which “increases risks and can quickly lead to rapid and uncontrolled spread of fire,” it said in a press release.

“This ban will remain in place until conditions improve and the green grass begins to show through tall, dead grass,” it said.

The fire department also recommends keeping flammable materials away from buildings and propane tanks, ensuring propane tanks are at least three feet from buildings, storing piles of wood at a safe distance from homes, and making sure cigarettes are thrown out safely.

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