Ottawa has a new croffle café, and the trendy delicacies will hit you in the face with flavor

If you have not yet tried this trendy dessert, which is a mix of croissants and waffles, there is a new cafe in Ottawa that serves croissants with a variety of toppings.

Sharpfle Waffle has just opened in Ottawa’s Hintonburg neighborhood in December 2021. From sweet to spicy, you’re sure to find the treat of your dreams, and what’s more fun than trying a new dessert?

The trendy snack with Korean-style croissants was in the spotlight last year, and there are not many places to find them in Ottawa. This Ottawa café offers a variety of flavors, including cinnamon and sugar, Movie Bite, Yuzu Glazed, Lotus Cream and open egg sandwiches.

Sweet, fruity and spicy, they offer it all along with a full menu of coffee and tea. Yuzu Glazed, for example, is a citrus-like treat, paired with grapefruit pieces and topped with orange peel. It is one of their most popular items. Cinnamon and sugar are comparable to a churro flavor, the lotus cream is topped with whipped cream, full of hazelnut and coffee cake flavors.

If you are hoping for a nostalgic dessert, try their offer of a PB&J sandwich, soy butter and jelly. So many options to choose from! They have 14 tea options, plus many espresso and latte drinks. Both the tea and coffee grills are sourced from Ontario companies so you know you are getting quality.

They continue to experiment with fun new flavors and plan to add to their tasty menu soon as well as a fresh new treat for the summer. Croffle prices range from $ 4.75 to $ 8.30, depending on the toppings. You can decide to pick up to go or eat in their cozy room.

Sharpfle waffle

Price: $ 4.75 + pr. kroffel

Kitchen: Croutons & coffee

Address: 4-1130 Wellington St. W. Ottawa, ON

Why you should go: Treat yourself to a trendy dessert, with so many toppings and flavors, it will be a difficult decision.


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