Oswestry’s Bailey Head welcomes the best beer brewer Pomona Island

ONE of the biggest names in brewing in the North West of England is finally making its debut this month at one of Oswestry’s best known pubs, Bailey Head.

Pomona Island, from Salford, will bring a range of their hugely popular beers to the Bailey Head-based pub, which has a good reputation among real-ale enthusiasts, on Thursday, March 31st from 6 p.m.

Grace Goodlad, from the award-winning Bailey Head, admitted that she was extremely excited to welcome the famous brewery, which she says has been in the pipes for two years.

“I’m glad we finally have the team from Salford’s Pomona Island coming to meet the people of Oswestry and show the amazing range of beers they produce,” she said.

“This evening has been put on hold for two years and I am so excited that it can finally move on.

“We have a great selection of their beers ready for the night on tap and cask, with a selection that includes stouts, pale ales and NEIPAs, a mild, a lager and even fruit beers.

“When we started talking to the guys about what they could bring to show what they do, we were blown away, they bring some really exciting beers to the event.

“The Pomona team has a reputation for making great beer, but also for having fun when they do, only their beer names show it.

“This year we’ve already got beers like ‘Clarky Cat’, ‘Kiss from a Rose’ and ‘Pins and Needles’ – I will definitely ask them where they get some of their ideas from.”

Nick Greenhalgh, one of the founders of Pomona Island, added: “We started this brewery in a very do-it-yourself way in 2017.

“No money, terrible set, the beer was okay, we each put a penny back in the brewery, worked on another job and all that, cut and closed the set and picked up more tanks.

“We’re really excited to come to Bailey Head.

“These guys love craft beer and are great advocates for the industry.

“In Manchester, good pubs tend to be owned by family brewers who would not touch craft beer with a barge, so it is something to be cherished to have such a beautiful pub serving killer beer every day.”

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