Ontario gas prices are set to rise 12 cents this weekend and your wallet will hurt

Have you seen gas prices fluctuate like the weather in Ontario recently, waiting for the perfect moment to fill up? Well, now it’s time to take a step back.

On Friday, Dan McTeague, president of the Canadians for Affordable Energy, predicted that gas prices in Ontario will rise exponentially by 12 cents per gallon on Saturday.

According to McTeague, this news comes after gas prices have already risen 11 cents per liter since Wednesday. Practice, it’s going to hurt.

As a result, gas prices in places like Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton and Kingston are expected to hit 185.9 cents per liter.

Meanwhile, pump prices will hit 184.9 cents per liter in Barrie, London and Winsdor.

According to the Gas Wizard, Thunder Bay is the most expensive place to fill up in the province, which is only expected to increase by 2 cents, making it 194.9 cents per liter. They are followed by Sudbury, which sits at 190.9 cents per liter.

On the other hand, the cheapest place to fill your car in Ontario will be Peterborough, as they dodge the price increase and sit at 169.9 cents per gallon.

So if it’s not that extensive a detour on the way home, you might as well pay a visit to a Peterborough petrol station.

McTeague announced Tuesday that gas prices would fall by 5 cents across Ontario, a total of 162.9 cents per gallon in hot spots like GTA.

On Wednesday, he predicted that gas prices in Toronto, Windsor, London and St. Catharines would be at 168.9 cents per liter on Thursday.

In other words, gas prices in Ontario seem to have been everywhere this week. So you might want to cancel your plans for this Easter weekend or bike to your family dinner.

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