NYC tenant threw eggs at neighbors’ doors: suit

A tenant at a posh Manhattan residential high-rise repeatedly threw eggs at her neighbors’ doors forcing two tenants – including one “terrified” resident – to move into different units, a new lawsuit alleges.

Yan Li – who lives on the 37th floor of 1214 Fifth Avenue – first egged one of the doors on Jan. 28 and carried out the bizarre act four more times through July 4, according to a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit from Friday.

One woman’s door was initially targeted on May 30 when “she found a number of raw eggs splattered all over her front door and seeping into her apartment,” the court papers allege.

The owners claim they caught Li on security cameras carrying out the eggings.

The victim “expressed fear that she was being targeted” because “she is Jewish or a single woman with a dog,” the filing claims.

The Upper East Side building boasts a lifeguard-manned pool, a gym and other premium amenities, according to its website. Units at the building currently range in price from $3,750 for a studio to $12,200 for a three-bedroom that happens to be up for rent on Li’s floor, according to StreetEasy.

After the second act of vandalism, the building installed cameras in the hallway and caught Li redhanded numerous other times, the suit claims.

On June 16, the cameras caught Li “opening the door to her apartment, stepping into the public hallway and rapidly throwing multiple eggs toward,” a neighboring unit, the filing alleges.

The police were called to the building the next day and they confronted Li about her odd behavior but she “slammed the door closed,” the suit alleges.

Both targets of the messy attacks requested to be moved to different units – including the woman who “was terrified by these incidents,” the suit claims.

The building owners moved the neighbors in July, the court papers say.

Eggs on the door of an apartment on the 37th floor of 1214 Fifth Avenue
Two neighbors moved units because of Li’s alleged vandalism.

But now the owner – 8 East 102nd Street, LLC – “cannot reasonably re-rent these apartments while {Li’s] conduct is ongoing,” the suit claims.

The owners are asking a court for an order forcing Li to stop the eggings and are seeking $260,000 in damages.

The Post could not find a number for Li.

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