Nicki Minaj shares Op-Ed, Scribbles out Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion

Nicki Minaj has had some of Barbz torn to pieces.

Tuesday afternoon was Queen the rapper took to Twitter to express gratitude for a HotNewHipHop piece titled Why Nicki Minaj is one of the greatest ever. Op-Ed, written by Joshua Robinson, describes Nicki’s progress in the music industry and the undeniable influence she’s had on the rap game, which is especially noticeable when she decides to quit.

“Yet the most astonishing and powerful thing about Nicki’s influence on Hip-Hop is her presence and sometimes the lack of the same,” Robinson writes. “Whether she’s taking on an unexpected freestyle or guest race, giving a rare interview or saying her opinion in a wild Twitter shout, Nicki Minaj’s presence – whether audio, digital or visual – is absolutely captivating, and when she is on break, you can feel.Despite the welcome contributions from women like Cardi B, “Megan Thee Stallion City Girls and Doja Cat over the last few years, female rap still feels incomplete without Nicki Minaj’s presence and output, and that alone illustrates how important she is to hip hop, as a genre and as a culture.”

Nicki shared the above section on social media along with a praying hands-on emoji and a few eyebrow-raising edits. The screenshot posted on her Twitter shows the names of her female artists posted without any explanation.

The move immediately polarized fans as some saw it as funny, while others found it unnecessary and petty. Although Nicki vs. Cardi beef has been well publicized over the years, her alleged problems with the other acts have received less attention – either because the beef was quickly crushed, or one of the parties involved denied that there was any bad blood.

Cardi, Megan, City Girls and Doja Cat have not publicly responded to Nicki’s post; however, their respective fan bases – and Barbz – have plenty to say. You can read some of the reactions below.

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