Netizens notice BLACKPINK Jennie updating IG with model Lee Joo Hyung, a close friend of BTS V’s

Is Jennie’s “best friend” also a close friend of V’s?

On an online community forum, netizens discussed the BLACKPINK member’s Instagram updates and noted that “the man from her IG is model Lee Joo Hyung.” The said model-actor also happens to be BTS V’s friend, based on a blog post from 2015 about the two 95-liners’ “extremely close friendship” with one another.

On her Instagram Story, Jennie has referred to Lee Joo Hyung as her “best friend” and celebrated his birthday.

Based on these posts, some netizens are wondering if Jennie and V have the same circle of close friends. Lee Joo Hyung was also previously mentioned by Twitter user gurumiharibo, a principal leaker behind V and Jennie’s dating scandal.

What are your thoughts?