NATO allies send the first heavy weapons to Ukraine as the country prepares for a new Russian attack

The openness of the Donbas, where clear front lines are expected to be formed in a more conventional battle fought outside cities, will provide an almost perfect arena for deploying Howitzer.

Most importantly, Ukraine had planned to buy the weapons systems, which means that its troops are already familiar with the machinery.

US President Joe Biden also announced the delivery of up to 300 Switchblade drones, which are designed to fly over a battlefield and select the best target to hit in a kamikaze attack.

Military experts say the US-made strolling drones are far superior to those used by the Russian military, which has seen its modernization efforts largely failed due to sanctions imposed on it after the 2014 invasion of Crimea .

To maximize their effectiveness, a small number of Ukrainian troops, who were already in the United States, received training in using the armed drone.

The United Kingdom is following in Washington’s footsteps, offering to train Kiev’s forces in how to use Mastiff – armored personnel carriers, which are seen as the key to improving Ukraine’s military mobility in the Donbas.

Along with this, Starstreak anti-aircraft missile systems will be sent to the country to assist Ukraine in its air combat against Russia.

Many in Britain believed that Ukraine would almost immediately lose the battle in the sky, but after Kyiv’s success, officials changed their minds to decide that more potent weapons were worth sending.

Europe, which is investing more than £ 400 million through the EU and much more through its capitals, has decided it’s time to send tanks, primarily former Soviet-made T-72s. It is also considering offers for MiG-29 fighter jets.

This is expected to help strengthen Ukraine’s chances of success in the Donbas, but it will also enable its military to defend Kiev more adequately against yet another possible Russian attack.

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