‘Moon Knight’: Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke talks about anti-LGBTQ bills

On Tuesday, employees of the Walt Disney Company met in person and online in protest of the company’s response to a series of anti-LGBTQ laws that have either been passed or are being worked on by several state legislators across the country. However, some Disney employees still had to work, especially those promoting “Moon Knight,” the latest Marvel Studios series to debut on Disney Plus.

That did not stop the two stars of the series, Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke, from commenting on the subject.

“I guess my comment would be: gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gayyyyyy!” Isaac told Varietybreaks into song during the virtual “Moon Knight” junk.

“It’s a completely ridiculous law,” Isaac continued, speaking specifically about the “Don’t Say Gay” law passed in Florida, which bans instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation. “It’s insane. It’s insane. And I hope Disney as a company comes out as strongly as possible against this idea. It’s amazing that it exists in this country at all.”

While Hawke did not address the specifics of the legislation and the controversy surrounding Disney’s response to it – “I’m not educated about it” – he did provide insight into the importance of LGBTQ visibility in popular culture.

“My life’s work is dedicated to creating empathy,” Hawke said. “I feel the power of stories that we tell each other. If you tell the truth about human experience, you invite empathy. And the more places we shine light, the less dark places there are and there is less to be afraid of. And “The more we understand each other’s experiences, the more humanity we find in them, and the better we actually all feel. So that’s my job, and that’s what I believe in.”

Other A-lists have spoken out in support of the Disney employees’ protests via social media. Larry Wilmore posted a picture of himself, producer Pilar Savone, actress Kerry Washington and author Raamla Mohamed from the set.

Washington also tweeted a statement supporting Disney’s “LGBTQIA + staff … and I stand with them on this trip out today.” She also said, “I do not tolerate Disney’s actions or inaction at this time.”

Marvel Studios regular Mark Ruffalo retweeted Washington’s statement: “Stand proud and in solidarity with our LBGTQIA + family!”

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