Modest Mouse writes music with Johnny Marr again

Modest Mouse writes music with Johnny Marr again. In a new interview with Spin reflects on the 15th anniversary of We were dead before the ship itself sank – which was the last time the former Smiths member was in the band – Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock revealed that they “have already started working on some things together.”

“We’ve just finished a song, ‘Rivers Of Rivers’ – in fact, I think it’s just ‘Rivers Of …’ – but it’s kind of like a pen pal. International travel is not what it once was. the moment, ”Brock continued.

“I was playing on the new Modest Mouse song, and there are a few other things that turn around, as Isaac writes,” Marr added. “Like Isaac said, air travel is not quite what it used to be. But hopefully when the world tilts back on its axis, I’ll hop on a plane, I think.”

When we spoke to Marr last year, he said Brock was “the greatest copywriter I’ve ever worked with.” Modest Mouse’s latest album, The golden coffincame out last year.

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