Michael Strahan’s Ex-Wife Jean Is Living A Shockingly Different Life Long After Their Divorce

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When you look at the modern celebrity landscape, it quickly becomes clear that there are quite a few extremely talented people. After all, there are a surprising amount of stars who are multitalented including the likes of Lady Gaga, Jamie Foxx, Neil Patrick Harris, and many more.

Even though there are so many multifaceted stars, Michael Stahan’s life story seems truly incredible. A former NFL star who has since become a TV host and journalist, it often seems like there is nothing that Strahan can’t do in the entertainment business.


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Thanks to all of the avenues Michael Strahan’s career has gone down, he has accumulated an impressive fortune. On top of that, since Strahan has been famous for so many years, there has been a lot of interest in his personal life for a very long time now.

Just like a lot of other people in this day and age, Michael Strahan has been married and divorced more than once. When it comes to Stahan’s second wife, Jean Muggli, it turns out that her life has taken some dramatic turns since the former couple went their separate ways.

The Truth About Michael Strahan And Jean Muggli’s Marriage

Before Michael Strahan joined the NFL in 1993, the all-pro defensive end married his first wife, an interior designer, decorator, and businesswoman named Wanda Hutchins in 1992. After Strahan and Hutchins had a son and daughter together, they wound up getting divorced in 1996.

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After Michael Strahan’s first marriage ended, that freed the football star up to pursue a relationship with a woman he reportedly met at a spa. After hitting it off after that random meeting, Strahan and Jean Muggli walked down the aisle together in 1999.

During Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli’s marriage, the couple had twin daughters together named Isabella and Sophia in 2004. After the couple welcomed their daughters into the world, it didn’t take them long to decide to end their relationship.

According to reports, Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli separated a year after their twins were born. Around the time that Strahan filed for divorce, Muggli publically accused him of having a mistress and being an abusive husband. In response, Strahan put out a statement denying Muggli’s claims.

“I love my children with all my heart and will continue to be the father figure that I had growing up. I owe it to my daughters to end my marriage respectfully and with dignity.”

“I would never physically or psychologically harm any of my loved ones, especially my wife. That’s simply not the man I am. I will continue to respect Jean’s privacy and not contribute to a public spectacle of an extremely private matter.”

Ultimately, Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli finalized their divorce in 2006. According to TMZ, Muggli received $15.3 million from the couple’s divorce and Stahan agreed to pay her $18,000 a month in child support at that time. Strahan’s child support payments were later decreased by $5,000 a month.

How Jean Muggli’s Life Has Changed Since Her Divorce From Michael Strahan

During Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli’s acrimonious divorce, both of them wound up in the headlines due to the serious nature of the accusations that were being made. However, once the couple’s divorce was finalized, there wasn’t any obvious reason for Muggli to remain in the public eye.

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Even though Jean Muggli no longer is married to a superstar, she still has shown up in the headlines since her divorce a couple of times. Unfortunately, the media has seemingly relished reporting on Muggli when she has been at the center of controversy.

In 2020, Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli found themselves facing off in court yet again. This time around, Strahan started the proceedings as the father of four was seeking sole custody of the twin daughters he has with Muggli.

As a part of Michael Strahan’s petition for sole custody, he accused Jean Muggli of emotionally and physically abusing their twin daughters. On top of that, Strahan sought to have his daughters live in New York City with him. For her part, Muggli accused Strahan of having private investigators follow her “around the clock”.

Despite the accusations that were being thrown around at that time, Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli agreed to continue sharing custody of their daughters. As a part of that deal, Muggli agreed to move from her North Carolina home to a New York City apartment so Strahan’s kids could be close to him.

Unfortunately, Jean Muggli found herself in the headlines in 2021. Before that, Muggli had been involved with a woman named Marianne Ayer but their relationship didn’t last. According to Ayer, Muggli then began harassing her following their breakup.

Even though Marianne Ayer got an order of protection against Jean Muggli, that allegedly didn’t stop Michael Strahan’s ex-wife’s behavior. In June of 2021, Jean Muggli wound up being arrested for violating the order for protection that Ayer had against her.

As of the time of this writing, there haven’t been any updates about Jean Muggli facing any serious criminal consequences from the arrest. However, according to TMZ, it is known that Marianne Ayer has accused Muggli of grand larceny, disorderly conduct, harassment, coercion, and forcible touching.