Melbourne woman shocked by $ 8.90 price of coffee in Barangaroo

A woman from Melbourne was left in complete disbelief over how much she was charged for a latte in the new area of ​​Barangaroo in Sydney.

When it comes to coffee, aussies definitely know a thing or two.

But how much are you willing to pay for a good cup?

A Melbourne woman was left in disbelief when she was charged $ 8.90 for a latte in Sydney’s inner city barangaroo.

The woman, who goes by the name Traci on TikTok, was in the port city over the weekend when she made the purchase at a cafe inside Crown Towers.

“OMG I just got charged $ 8.90 for a cup of coffee,” she said in a now viral TikTok.

Traci, who is a migration lawyer, said she was charged $ 1 extra for soy milk, an additional $ 1 for upgrading to large, a Sunday service fee of 80 cents and an additional 10 cents for “other”.

She also described the coffee as being “average”.

Traci told 7 News that she “did not mind the price”, but she knew the coffee cost “more than usual”.

Her video has already garnered more than 140,000 views since it was uploaded just two days ago with hundreds of people emphasizing her experience.

“Just another day in Australia,” one person wrote.

“That’s why I have the Aldi coffee machine everywhere I go on holiday,” added another.

One user asked why she bothered to pay so much, to which Traci replied, “It’s not like the price appears anywhere.”

She also said she usually makes her own coffee at home, but considering she was on vacation, she wanted to pamper herself.

“Yes, I feel it myself in Melb,” commented another Melburnian.

“OMG that’s absurd. What’s going on?” said another.

Others pointed out that it is due to “inflation” and that coffee lovers can expect a rise in price.

“Coffee prices are getting indecent. $ 7 just to have it over ice the other day, ”one woman wrote.

And they may be right.

Following a sharp rise in shipping and shipping costs, partly due to the pandemic, local cafes are expected to raise the price of coffee.

President David Parnham of cafe owners and the Barista Association of Australia said the price of an average flat white across the country could jump to $ 7 by the end of the year.

“What is happening globally is that there is clearly a lack of disasters happening in places like Brazil with frost and certain growth conditions in some of the coffee growing areas,” he told ABC.

“The cost of shipping has become just ridiculous.

“It’s almost five times container prices two years ago due to global shortages of containers and ships to be able to take things around the world.”

Sir. Parnham said the average price of $ 4 for coffee currently paid was too long to rise, but companies had tried to avoid passing on extra costs to the consumer.

“It’s delayed and unfortunately it can not be maintained, and at some point the consumer will have to bear it,” he said.

But given the obsession of Australians with coffee, the increase in costs may not be fully enough to deter them from getting their caffeine fix.

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