Master Builders Australia launches disruptive attack on Labor and warns against abolishing construction watchdog if it wins election

The Australian Home Builders Association has launched a crippling advertising campaign targeting Labor in marginal places across the country.

Master Builders Australia has called on Labor not to abolish the construction watchdog and warns that it would amount to “financial self-harm”.

The largest body representing builders and contractors launched an advertising campaign targeting Labor in marginal places across Australia.

The campaign claims that Labor risks Australia’s economic recovery if it abolishes the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC).

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Denita Wawn, CEO of Master Builders Australia (MBA), said Labor had “ignored” requests to keep the building guard, which she said was a protection against “militant” construction unions.

“When we are currently trying to ensure economic recovery, we want to ensure that we maximize our contribution to economic growth, and as a consequence, the ABCC must be maintained,” Wawn told Sky News Australia’s Laura Jayes on Monday.

“Our requests for Labor to keep the ABCC have been ignored, they have said no, they want to abolish it.

“There is no alternative that Labor has put forward in terms of ensuring that those in the construction industry play by the rules, and so are both sides of the equation, unions and employers as well.”

Polls conducted for the MBA in 40 marginal Australian seats showed traditions, and “soft voters” supported the ABCC as they saw “militant construction unions and rogue officials as a threat to economic recovery”.

“A Labor government that abolishes the watchdog of construction would commit economic self-harm,” Wawn said earlier Monday.

“Labor’s policies will leave more than 400,000 young mothers and fathers-builders and traffickers exposed to union thugs and thugs.”

The campaign will also argue that every dollar spent on construction returns $ 3 to the economy and that major hostilities could hurt Australia’s economic recovery, Wawn said.

Ms Wawn also argued that the abolition of the ABCC would result in “significant industrial disputes” and inevitably cost to the economy.

The coalition reintroduced the building watchdog in 2016 after a double resolution election on the issue.

ABCC was established with a view to reducing illegal activity and corruption in the sector, but was blown up by Labor, the Greens and the unions themselves as being anti-trade union.

Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union have backed down on the MBA’s proposal and ad campaign, arguing that ABCC was a “failed regulator”.

“It’s no surprise that Master Builders would support a failed regulator that makes it easier for developers from the big end of the city to maximize their profits by tearing down the workers who build our cities and critical infrastructure,” CFMEU National Construction Secretary Dave Noonan said.

“ABCC is a hopelessly biased supervisory authority that relentlessly persecutes construction workers to uphold their rights and seek their rights while running a protection contest for risky bosses who steal their pay and risk their lives.”

Following Labor’s decision to abolish the watchdog in 2012, working days lost due to labor disputes increased, while since December 2016 there has been a drop of more than 60 percent in lost working days due to strike. has contacted Labor for a comment.

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