Marjorie Taylor Greene inadvertently reveals the ugly truth about GOP in new ad

The reality of the GOP in 2022 is exposed in the extremist rep. Marjorie Taylor Greenes (R-Ga.) Own words in a biting new ad.

Greene’s claim that lawmakers like her “are not the fringe” but “the foundation of the party” has been put on hold in the edited online spot published by the progressive PAC MeidasTouch on Tuesday.

The conspiracy theorist’s comments are clipped along with footage of her parrot Kremlin speeches on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, rep. Madison Cawthorn (RN.C.), who calls Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy a “bully,” and former President Donald Trump praised Russian President Vladimir Putin’s initial intrusion into the neighboring country as a “genius.”

The video below received more than 340,000 views during the first 10 hours on Twitter alone.

The clip went viral when Greene received backlash for blaming Ukraine for being invaded by Russia.

“You can see that Ukraine kept stinging the bear and stinging the bear, which is Russia,” she told the Voice of Rural America Network. “Russia is having great success with their invasion, even though we hear different things on television,” she added, contrary to reports on the ground that Putin’s plans have gone awry.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

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