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Premier League’s highest earning (reportedly) revealed

L’Equipe has documented the Premier League’s best-earning players. Now that the French release is a serious outfit, The Warm-Up is more than happy to raise concerns about the full accuracy of the documents – or methods – that have revealed these astonishing figures behind us, and dive head first into some juicy, uhh, analysis.

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According to L’Equipe, Manchester United stars Cristiano Ronaldo, Raphael Varane, Jadon Sancho and David De Gea make up four of the five highest paid players in the league. The other player in the top five is Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne.

This is the breakdown:

Cristiano Ronaldo £ 2.2 million £ 26.4 million
Kevin De Bruyne £ 1.7 million £ 20.4 million
David De Gea £ 1.6 million £ 19.2 million
Jadon Sancho £ 1.5 million £ 18 million
Raphael Varane £ 1.3 million £ 15.6 million

United pay their players a lot of money, but two other things stand out from the list.

Firstly, De Bruyne is the only player on the list who will currently be considered a top five player in the Premier League. He also reportedly negotiated his own terms and is therefore also a top football player and a top trader.

Second, United had an expensive summer just gone by, with three of their signatures getting tough contracts. Thoughts and prayers with the club’s salary structure, if these reported salaries are correct.

And what has United got for their investment? They finished last season in second place, but languish to sixth place in the Premier League table, around four points from Arsenal, who are in fourth place.

Now, the sample size here is relatively small, but it seems that building a cohesive team structure is a more effective path to success than just spending money.

It is a hypothesis supported by contemporary evidence at PSG, whose elite-level matches are supported by a lack of a cohesive team, and empirical evidence at Real Madrid, whose elite-level matches were supported by a lack of a cohesive team. .

So to conclude, identifying weaknesses in your team and signing players that address these weaknesses is probably a more effective method of progress than signing expensive things that do not really address these weaknesses.

Real Madrid’s bad week is getting worse

Real Madrid fans have had a bad week.

Their home side took a hell of a match this weekend against Barcelona. To exacerbate this misery, the team had the courage to end such humility while wearing a newly released top that – checking notes – comes at a less than humble price of £ 160.

Even the most optimistic of the Madridistas would have approached Tuesday’s quarter-final match against Barcelona in the women’s Champions League with a sense of anxiety. Barcelona are current Champions League holders and sit 19 points north of Real in Primera Iberdrola.

Still, nine minutes in Olga Carmona Real gave hope, after Esther Gonzalez stole the ball in midfield to give the brave – yes, brave, they were first ‘formed’ in 2019 after a merger with the CD Tacon lead.

But in the end, goals from Alexis Putellas (53) and Claudia Pina (81) made Barcelona an already shocking week for fans of Real.

The Hillsborough Law Now campaign

Tottenham Hotspur is the latest club, institution or person – including former prime ministers – to add its support to the Hillsborough Act.

Proposals from the former Bishop of Liverpool the right-wing pastor James Jones after his review of the experiences of the Hillsborough families form the basis of the proposed law.

Here’s how the Law Gazette sums it up:

“Hillsborough Law would ensure the proper participation of bereaved families in investigations through publicly funded legal representation, ‘and an end to almost limitless legal expenditures from public bodies’.”

Tottenham are joining a host of other clubs – including Liverpool, Brentford, Brighton and Hove Albion, Everton and Tranmere Rovers – and politicians Sadiq Khan, Andy Burnham, Gordon Brown and Theresa May to put their weight behind the campaign.

“The club has today added its support to the campaign to establish a Hillsborough law which seeks to rebalance the scale of justice for families left behind by public tragedy. the proper participation of bereaved families in the investigation, “reads the statement from Tottenham.

The Hillsborough disaster took place at the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest on April 15, 1989, in which 97 supporters lost their lives as a result of events unfolding that day. The tragedy was followed by a long and courageous campaign for the truth and justice of bereaved families, resulting in a verdict of unlawful killing in April 2016, relieving fans of all guilt for the tragic events. “


Roy Keane talks to Mick McCarthy before the 2002 World Cup, and one of them is fiercely irreconcilable. This time it’s not the player.

It’s almost 20 whole years, Roy Maurice Keane went with the paws of his poor dog after an almighty altercation with Mick McCarthy in Saipan.

Miguel Delaney sheds new light on one of the catalysts behind the dust after having a chat with former Manchester United fitness coach Mick Clegg.


More women’s Champions League action as Juventus face Lyon (17:45 GMT) and Arsenal host Wolfsburg (20:00).

Andi Thomas, who (to paraphrase and turn Keane’s barbs against poor Mick) is rated as both a man and a writer, will be here tomorrow.


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