Male idols returning from mandatory military service in 2023!

Every healthy and abled South Korean man from ages 18 to 35 is required to serve in the mandatory military service to protect their nation.

There is no exception for male idols, and K-pop fans must wait for an average of a year and a half for their beloved idols to make a return. There have been a handful of male idols who have been discharged from the military this year, but there are still many idols waiting to return to the music industry in the year 2023.

So here is the list of male idols who are expected to be discharged from mandatory military service in 2023!

EXO – Baekhyun: February 05

SHINee – Taemin: TBD

DAY6 – Young K: April 11

MONSTA X – Shownu: April 21

IMFACT – Tae Ho: June 13

ONF – MK: June 20

ONF – J-US: June 26

ONF – Wyatt: June 26

ONF – E-Tion: June 27

ONF – Hyojin: June 27

DAY6 – Dowoon: July 16

KNK – Jeong In Seong: August 07

B1A4 – Sandeul: August 10

SF9 – In Seong: September 20

Block B – P.O.: September 27

SF9 – Young Bin: September 28

Golden Child – Lee Dae Yeol: September 28

Pentagon – Hongseok: November 02

ASTRO – MJ: November 08

DAY6 – Wonpil: November 27

Park Seo Ham: December 09

Are you excited for their comebacks next year?