London Covid rates rise as Britain marks two years since lockdown

The number of cases of Covid is still rising as the UK marks two years anniversary since the first national lockdown.

On March 23, 2020, the first nationwide lockdown was introduced.

In honor of this memorable day – which is exactly two years today – the Marie Curie charity has organized a national day for the whole of Britain to reflect.

This reflection day is dedicated to communities to come together and remember, mourn and celebrate all who have died of coronavirus.

Two years later, the UK continues to detect thousands of covid infections every day, with vaccinations still available across the country.

Recent cases of Covid-19 have been reported for local areas in the UK, and infections appear to be rising in all areas of south-east London.

The case rates below are shown per. 100,000 people in the 7-day period ending March 18.

Data for the last five days have been excluded.


Total: 1,599 cases

Increase: 287 (25.5 percent)

Case percentage per 100,000 people: 641.4


Total: 2,694 cases

Increase: 579 (27.4 percent)

Case percentage per 100,000 people: 809.6


Total: 818 cases

Increase: 154 (23.2 percent)

Case percentage per 100,000 people: 717.2


Total: 1,868 cases

Increase: 475 (34.1 percent)

Case percentage per 100,000 people: 646.3


Total: 2,204 cases

Increase: 580 (35.7 percent)

Case percentage per 100,000 people: 721.9

Lewisham has the highest increase in infections in south-east London boroughs (35.7 per cent) and Dartford has the lowest (23.2 per cent).

Over the last seven days, 603,597 people in the UK have tested positive for Covid-19 – bringing the total number of cases to 20,515,998.

A total of 140,776,996 vaccinations have been given across the UK.

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