‘Lisa Mausi?’ Desi Mona Lisa Portraits are Stealing the Show on Twitter

Mona Lisa, a painting brought to life by the famous painter, Leonardo da Vinci, is one of the most valuable paintings in the world. The masterpiece is also one of the most parodied works of art. One such parody version of Mona Lisa is gaining traction on social media. Presented to netizens in the form of a Twitter thread, the parody features Mona Lisa donning Indian attires. The thread shows what Mona Lisa would look like if she belonged to different states in the country.

It starts with “Lisa Mausi,” a South Delhi version of the Mona Lisa. Sharing the first post in the thread, the user, in the caption, wrote, “If Mona Lisa was born in South Delhi, she would be ‘Lisa Mausi’.” Take a look:

The next in line was a Maharashtrian Mona Lisa, or “Lisa Tai.”

Dolled up in a saree and a big red Bindi on her forehead, Mona Lisa, hailing from Bihar, becomes “Lisa Devi.”

From Bihar, the thread heads toward the royal state of Rajasthan and presents the “Maharani Lisa.”

Next comes Mona Lisa wearing the traditional, red and white coloured Garad Saree from Kolkata. Meet “Shona Lisa.”

This follows the Kerala and Telangana version of the famous renaissance painting, Lisa Mol and Lisa Bomma.

And finally, the thread comes concludes with “Lisa Ben from Gujarat.”

Since being shared, the thread, collectively, garnered thousands of likes, retweets, and comments. Netizens were impressed by the interpretation of the Mona Lisa in various Indian attires.

One user said, “The fact that every attire and getup is different and yet so beautiful.”

Another user chuckled and called the thread “Hilarious.”

This user called the thread the “best thing on the internet today.”

So, what are your thoughts on this vibrant collection of Mona Lisa?

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