Lemmy once appeared on Never Mind The Buzzcocks

If you’ve never seen an episode of Beware of Buzzcocks, perhaps because you either live in the United States, do not own a television or have lived off the net as a socially incompetent hermit, you would unfortunately have missed this glorious moment. But fear not, we are here to fill you in on this golden slice of unexpected history.

First released in 1996, Never Mind The Buzzcocks was a comedy panel show on the BBC that combined musical trivia with complacent British wit and – at times – challenging humor. It became a nationwide hit, and saw a myriad of celebrities and music legends embrace the game.

On March 6, 1998, Motorhead’s Lemmy appeared in series three of the show and unsurprisingly charmed the audience with his characteristic charismatic dry humor before making fun of The Clash and eventually storming off.

Apparently, he felt that his colleagues on the panel were making fun of him, which to be fair was standard practice on the reverent show.

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