Legendary pop artist takes his obsession with bones to NFTs

One of the many reasons why people love art is the fact that it allows you to travel in time. For example, if you look at old photos, you are able to connect with your loved ones, even those who are not present, and bring back old memories. It also helps us learn more about the different cultures, giving us an insight into our past, which is what Theodoru Badiu does with his NFT collection, Skulltoons.

According to the legendary pop artist, Theodoru has had a deep passion for art from a young age.

“The first big influence on my work was definitely my childhood and teenage experience as a taxidermist. Another big source of influence on my work is the classic cartoons that I grew up with and that I still love to this day. All the cartoons from Disney, Max Fleischer, Ub Iwerks, Grim Natwick and Hanna-Barbera have a huge impact on my character-based work ”

The experience in the workshop gave him the knowledge he needed to work with skulls and bones. Theodoru says he wanted to try something different when he came across the sculptures, which motivated him to learn more.

He later made his first sculpture using birds and animal skulls. His work has been featured in various online publications, including Youth Vision Magazine. Theodoru has many career highlights, including exciting collaborations with Vienna Tourism, Macy’s Day Parade and SilverGate media.

To continue sharing his story through art, he has now taken his obsession with bones to NFTs with his Skulltoons collection. Filled with cryptic riddles and exclusivity, Skulltoons is a collection of 7,777 skulls with unique hand-drawn features by renowned neo-pop artist Teodoru Badiu. This collection pays homage to “Gavroche”. Quite clever and imbued with street smarts, this lovable character reflects a part of us all: a complex mix of emotions on a journey through the human experience.

With over 130,000 Twitter followers and 150,000 Discord members, this project has received a lot of attention from the NFT community. With an already successful launch, Skulltoons now executing on their roadmap and implementing physical utility with the collection.

“Even though they are just skulls and sometimes show chopped limbs, they are always happy. This is the beauty of art, ” says Theodoru. He says his goal for years to come is to have his work available in many more spaces, including museums, allowing his fan base to understand his incredible history.

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