Lansing School District waives library book fees

Eastern sophomore Xayvion Mildton is working on a project on Tuesday, March 22, 2022 at the library.  "I need a little more time for books, so it's a nice respite," he said.

LANSING – For years, fees for lost or damaged books have kept Lansing School District students from using school libraries.

These fees – which prevent students from checking additional books and may prevent them from taking exams – have been a concern for officials for years. Most recently, they were highlighted in a district audit that found that library fines hurt students of color disproportionately.

But from last week, they are past.

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The Board of Education voted unanimously Thursday to waive more than $ 92,300 in library fees and abolish future fines that critics say unfairly discourages low-income literacy students. The Board of Directors voted immediately after reviewing the diversity audit.

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