Kim Joon Ho and Kim Ji Min confirm that they are dating

It’s official: Comedians Kim Joon Ho and Kim Ji Min are in a relationship!

On April 3, Kim Joon Ho and Kim Ji Min’s agency JDB Entertainment confirmed reports that the two stars were dating. The two comedians, who both started their careers at KBS and have been good friends for a long time, recently became romantically involved and are now in a serious relationship.

JDB Entertainment’s full statement is as follows:

Hi, this is Kim Joon Ho and Kim Ji Min’s agency JDB Entertainment.

We’re making an official statement regarding the news that Kim Joon Ho and Kim Ji Min are dating.

Kim Ji Min and Kim Joon Ho, who are junior and senior colleagues as KBS comedians and who are part of the same family under our agency, are currently in a serious relationship. The two of them started dating recently.

When Kim Joon Ho went through a difficult time, Kim Ji Min was always a huge source of strength and comfort for him. The two of them, who always felt positive about each other, recently went from being junior and senior colleagues to boyfriends.

Kim Joon Ho and Kim Ji Min will both work hard to become exemplary public figures and to greet you with even better things in the future. We kindly ask you to cheer on them so they can continue a good relationship.

Thank you.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Watch Kim Ji Min on “Run Puppy Run” with English subtitles here …

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… And Kim Joon Ho on “Just Comedy” below!

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