Kate Pryde’s Excalibur Costume Gets a Jaw-Dropping Update in X-Men Fanart

Kate Pryde is an iconic hero hailing from Marvel’s Merry Band of Mutants, with this new piece of fanart bringing back her old school Excalibur look!

The X-Men’s Kate Pryde has bounced around more than a few Marvel teams over the years, with her costume usually changing and evolving with each new shakeup. And now, in a welcome return to her old school Excalibur uniform, Kate gets a jaw-dropping piece of fanart that fans of this groundbreaking character need to see!

Shared on Instagram by username @official_nihilo_ren, this account consistently posts all kinds of gorgeous art depicting characters from across the comic book industry and beyond. Illustrating heroes and villains from not only Marvel and DC Comics but from video game properties like Tomb Raider, popular shows like Netflix’s The Sandman, iconic movies like Robocop, and even other comic universes such as Spawn and Vampirella, @official_nihilo_ren always seems to have something creative to post that their followers can scroll through and enjoy.


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A fan-favorite hero associated with the X-Men from a young age, Shadowcat aka Kitty Pryde, or as she now goes by, Kate Pryde, is a mutant with the ability to phase herself through any object at will. A founding member of the United Kingdom-based X-Men replacement team known as Excalibur, Kate has donned a new costume every few years as she’s continued to evolve as a person, with her Excalibur-era Shadowcat look acting as the focus of this specific piece of fanart.

Crouched low wearing her blue-hued, starch-collared Excalibur outfit, Kate is drawn with her arm slightly pointed to the sky where fans can see her toothy pet, Lockheed, perched with authority. Backdropped with two swords that are undoubtedly in reference to her Excalibur team name, @official_nihilo_ren also matches the background color to that of Kate’s pants, essentially making it look as if she’s phasing into the paper as a clever nod to Kate’s special mutant powers. Finally, @official_nihilo_ren completes the piece by outlining the rest of Kate and Lockheed’s bodies with heavy linework, further adding to the fun visual of the disappearing act half of Kate’s body is undergoing while allowing the rest of the art to pop off the page in a truly spectacular way.

So while it’s been some time since Kate has been seen in this particular costume or on an Excalibur team proper, @official_nihilo_ren giving her a quick update in his signature art style more than makes up for her Excalibur-less adventures. Luckily, Kate Pryde is currently leading another X-team in the Marauders, so hopefully, @official_nihilo_ren won’t wait too long to cook something up for that popular look as well!