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Yes, you read that right. Karen’s Diner (est. 2021, Sydney) is a novelty chain of restaurants where the staff are terrible at their jobs – on purpose – and now they’re setting their sights on London. You may have seen it making its rounds on social media, but if not, and the concept behind the Australian-born brand is totally alien to you, we’re here to enlighten you. The name and gimmick come from the internet adoption of the name ‘Karen’ into a term that refers to “A blonde woman with ombre cascade hairstyle who wants to speak to the manager”, as Urban Dictionary puts it. Their tagline calls for you to “live out your Karen dreams”, so it functions sort of like The Purge but for having a go at someone. From the get-go, the staff at Karen’s will insult you, flip you off and just generally give you a hard time. And, of course, you’re encouraged to throw it right back at them.

Their key USP is pretty obvious, but they also promise to have genuinely good food. With its 50s American diner vibes, the menu is predictably the likes of burgers, chicken wings, hotdogs and milkshakes, and according to reviews of their Sheffield branch, the beef burger is a standout. There are also themed cocktails, one of which is called “The Potty Karen” and comes “served in a crapper”. As of yet, the exact date is TBD, but we can expect Karen’s to be gracing the city with its presence towards the end of this year. There’s no doubt that this is not for the easily offended, but if it sounds like your idea of a laugh, you may as well check it out when it lands in town – there might even be a decent burger in it for you.

Opens 2022
Location TBC

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