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norman lebrecht

April 1, 2022

The uncontrolled madness of giving public money to commercial artist agencies reached a nadir today when ACE announced its final set of Covid-19 grants worth £ 35 million.

Among them is £ 145,900 to KD Schmid, the London branch of a German agency.

Sir Nicholas Serota, President of the Arts Council England said: ‘This extra round of the Emergency Resource Support Fund has provided a vital lifeline to creative and cultural organizations who have faced further challenges while overcoming the ongoing impact of Covid -19 pandemic. We once again thank the government for its unprecedented support for our creative and cultural industries. ‘

This is complete nonsense.

When artist agencies collapsed in the United States, others appeared in their place. Not one artist became an orphan.

Settling these companies has been an abuse of processes and public funds. In all, these scam agencies have lost £ 3-4 million, which could and should have been spent on art and artists.

Serota, along with Darren Henley, ACE’s Executive Director, should be chaired by a parliamentary committee.

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