Joyner Lucas blows up MGK as he shouts Lollapalooza over ‘Weak Ass’ bag

Joyner Lucas wants Lollapalooza to respect his name.

The independent rapper took to Twitter to blow up the music festival, which announced his 2022 list on Tuesday, for his place in this year’s lineup.

“These festivals stop playing with me as if I’m not so n *** a,” Joyner wrote. “To put my name next to the names of a bunch of random n *** az no one heard of and offer me a weak ass [bag]. “

He continued, “N *** az will start putting respect on my name. For years I’ve been getting these weak ass offers as if I’m a little n *** a. So n *** az who’s not even at my level or doing my numbers, being put in CAPITAL LETTERS while writing my shit, hella small on the flyer! How swaying ?! ”

Lucas went on to maintain that he is the “greatest independent artist of the period” before demanding that Lollapalooza remove his name from the festival’s flyer.

“I’m the greatest independent artist of the season with the exception of my n *** a tech,” he wrote. “And I got the numbers and the fans and [bag] to back up that statement. How can it be that these festivals keep my name up with a bunch of n *** az who are not at my level? N *** a I’m JOYNER LUCAS. “

“All I know is that @lollapalooza would rather take my fukin name from that fly,” Joyner added. “I do not agree with that lineup and I do not want the weak ass [bag] n *** az tried to give me. Next thing I know, the flyer goes out and they will put my name in a little asshole letter as if I am not me. Fuck from here! “

Joyner ended his horror by taking a stray shot at Machine Gun Kelly, which is among the main names for this year’s festival.

“So you have this silly ass and a headline?” he captioned a picture of MGK. “Smh how swaying?”

From there, he referred to Eminem going to MGK on his diss number “Killshot” from 2018, and wrote, “Someone said,” Don’t bring the rap devil out. “Maaaannnnn listen. a @machinegunkelly is easy compared to what awaits if he wants to walk down that street with me. No one is worried about someone painting his nails.

See Joyner Lucas’ tweets below.

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