Jimmy Kimmel Apologized To Canada After Trying To Get Keanu Reeves To Become A US Citizen

Jimmy Kimmel is trying to poach the Canadian gem that is Keanu Reeves, but at least he had the good manners to say he’s sorry.

On Thursday, October 6, the John Wick actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to chat about his new comic book BRZRKR when the pair got into the fact that despite having grown up in Toronto, Reeves now lives in Los Angeles.

“You live here now, right?” asked Kimmel.

“I do, yeah, I’ve been living here since 1985,” confirmed Reeves.

“And yet, technically, you’re not a U.S. citizen,” the host asked, with Reeves confirming that he’s still a Canadian.

“You’re a Canadian. You’ll always be a Canadian. But is it not something that you’re interested in, in being a U.S. citizen?” asked Kimmel.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Reeves said. “Yeah, man. Why not?”

Kimmel then pulled out a stack of documents and said he’d help the actor fill out all the needed forms to apply for naturalization.

He also had an interesting proposal for the Canadian.

“I discussed this with my wife. You and I could get married, if you wanted to,” Kimmel kindly offered, saying that he’d make some amendments to his current marriage in order to facilitate the new one to Reeves.

As well, Kimmel offered to host a party for the potential new U.S. citizen

“If you want to go through with it, we’d love to have a special ceremony for you here to welcome you as our newest American,” the host shared.

“You’d be a welcome addition to this nation. And apologies to Canada.”

Reeves said that he’d still maintain dual citizenship, as “two sometimes is better than one.”

As long as we can still claim you as our own, Keanu!

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