Jamie Otis is planning 3rd baby with Doug Hehner

Jamie Otis, who met her husband Doug Hehner d

Jamie Otis, who met her husband Doug Hehner on “Married at First Sight,” said the couple is hoping to have a third baby and get pregnant by the end of their beach vacation. (Photo: Taylor Hill / Getty Images)

Jamie Otis does not regret being “married at first sight”.

The nurse who starred in the first season of the Lifetime series Married at First sight in 2014, married Doug Hehner after only meeting him for the first time at their wedding. The two continued to perform on the spin-off Married at first sight: The first yearand currently shares two children: daughter Henley, 4, and son Hendrix, 2.

In an Instagram post on March 22, Otis shared a video of himself and Hehner dancing while on their beach vacation, noting that the couple is celebrating their 8th anniversary.

She began the caption for her post, “We were on season 1 of Married at First sight. They laughed and mocked us all when we said, ‘I do’ as complete strangers. Back then, no one had ever done that before. (I literally did not even know my husband’s name until our wedding day, soooo, maybe they had a valid reason to call us cray cray!?!) Lol! But that’s what’s about societal norms – they can really hold you back. ”

She added: “If I had listened to everyone’s criticism and never followed my heart, I would have missed cultivating a love I have never known.”

Otis – who is the author of Wifey 101: Everything I Got Wrong After Finding Mr. Right – shared that despite how well everything went, she was not always sure that she had “legally committed my life to a complete stranger that I was not even attracted to”, and told that she had a “perfect panic attack “on the day of her wedding. She joked, “crying on the floor and trying to hide my tears with a transparent veil was probably not my best moment in life.”

In the end, she went through with it because she “desperately wanted a family.”

Now, teased Otis, the family can expand. She told that she and Hehner’s destination is to add “two more baby feet” to their family of four, and that if they get their way, “we will leave preggers from here.”

“I was already hoping to be pregnant, so on our road trip (we’re leaving on April 1st !!!!) across America I will be out of the first trimester and into the second, but at this point I will take me of the first trimester nausea on the road, “she continued.” If we have to shorten the trip, it would be worth it !!! “

Otis has previously shared that the couple did not try also hard to have a third baby after welcoming Hendrix in May 2020. In an Instagram photo from August 2021, she wrote, “We’ve kind of put our next baby on our backs while focusing on strengthening our marriage.”

She added: “It’s not like we’re preventing it, but we’re planning and not going for it as aggressively as we were a few months ago. So we try but do not try if it makes sense. I just know in my heart that I should have more children.I really do not feel like our family is done yet.It’s hard to explain but I have a really strong feeling that I’m supposed to have more children, who lives on earth and is part of this small family we have created. ”

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