Jamal Alameddine loses bids for freedom due to a series of charges

The uncle of Alameddine’s crime boss Rafat has been denied bail after taking his fight for freedom to the Supreme Court in Sydney.

A member of the infamous Alameddine family will remain in custody on a number of charges, including alleged firearms offenses, just months after his release from prison, furious police.

Jamal Alameddine, 52, appeared in NSW’s Supreme Court on Wednesday in an attempt to be released on bail.

With a thick gray beard, glasses and wearing prison green, he listened intently via video link from the Parklea Crime Center as his lawyer Elie Srour tried to secure his freedom.

Alameddine has been in custody since December when his bail was revoked for the alleged violation of an AVO.

On December 7, Mr Alameddine was given bail in the local court despite being charged with possession of a weapon, while at the time he was subject to a firearms ban.

He was arrested after he was stopped by Liverpool police, who allegedly drove in a taxi with $ 9,000 and drugs.

He has been charged with possession and delivery of drugs, but Mr Srour told the court that a drug analysis found the drugs were not drugs and expected the charges to be withdrawn.

He was also accused of dealing with the proceeds of crime, related to $ 9000.

But Mr Srour argued that the prosecution would have trouble proving allegations that the money was related to the sale of drugs when the drug was discovered to be inactive.

The court heard that a copy gun was also found inside a manbag at the feet of one of his co-defendants and his DNA was found on the weapon.

But Mr Srour said it was possible his DNA could have been placed on the handle via secondary transfer and Mr Alameddine intended to fight the charges in court.

He was subsequently released on bail, and a senior police source told the Daily Telegraph at the time that there was no deterrent to gun charges.

He was arrested later that month for allegedly violating an AVO earlier in December.

When police executed a verdict on his house, it is alleged that 50 cartridges were found in his yard, the court heard, and have been accused of having ammunition without a license.

Sir. Srour said Mr Alameddine’s four months in custody had been difficult due to Covid and his health conditions, including heart disease and diabetes.

He also attacked the strength of the crown cases against his client, arguing that any time spent in custody could exceed any non-probationary period imposed if convicted.

Judge Michael Walton, however, dismissed his claim.

The court heard that Mr Alameddine “maintains criminal associations” with the Crown opposing his bid to be released on bail.

“In my opinion, even if what appears to be a deficit in the crown case in the second group of charges is taken into account, there is still a real prospect that the applicant will face full-time custody as a result. of the three groups of offenses, “Judge Walton said. said.

Justice Walton rejected Mr Alameddine’s bail application.

“No bail?” Sir. Alameddine asked his lawyer after being denied bail and gave a thumbs down symbol.

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