Jackie Weaver ‘did not have the authority’ to exclude city councilors from the meeting, reports | UK News

Viral lockdown star Jackie Weaver had no “authority” to silence and exclude city council members from a virtual meeting, reports have found.

Ms. Weaver became famous after footage emerged from a Zoom meeting of the Handforth Parish Council, which showed councilors shouting and cursing at each other.

During the meeting in December 2020, Mrs. Weaver was told, “You have no authority here, Jackie Weaver. No authority at all.”

Brian Tolver was kicked off the Zoom call by Mrs Weaver

The Cheshire East Council has published six reports examining the conduct of council members in the ward council, now called the Handforth Town Council.

Of these reports, which total 145 pages, three dealt with pre-virtual meeting complaints, and three looked at councilors’ behavior at the meeting.

The reports showed that Ms Weaver “did not appear in an official capacity at the meetings,” adding: “She did not have the authority to direct attendance at those meetings.”

However, the reports say “it is understandable why she acted the way she did”.

The reports said: “Faced with unusual and difficult circumstances and the deep-seated problems that underlie these circumstances, we can understand why JW (Jackie Walker) acted as she did, despite the fact that her action was without anything formal. basis in the form of an appropriate process and procedure. “

The reports found that “according to the balance of probabilities”, three former council members violated some sections of the code of conduct. Another report found that three current councilors did not violate the code, but said “their behavior cannot be said to be exemplary”.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that the inquiry into the meeting had cost the Cheshire East Council more than £ 85,000.

Since the infamous footage became a viral hit, Mrs. Weaver has adapted to her newfound celebrity lifestyle and published an autobiography titled: You Do Have the Authority Here!

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