Is Sony’s amazing Peter # 3 trailer just a funny joke or a stealth tease for Amazing Spider-Man 3?

The trailer was dropped in honor of “No Way Home” becoming available on digital and Blu-ray, but if you ask any fans, genuine the purpose of this video is to suggest a possible sequel to “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” And if so was not it Sony’s intention, they might as well consider it because the internet certainly is. Within hours of this video being dropped, fans got the “#MakeTASM3” trend, putting in fan posters, story ideas, and lots of meme material.

Given the love for Garfield’s performance, the ridiculous profits from “No Way Home” and the fact that Sony is already doubling all their Spidey efforts, this is not entirely out of the question. Aside from the small detail of the actor himself – because given his previous experience in the magnificent superhero machine, it’s hard to imagine Garfield coming back for another potential flop. Especially when “No Way Home” gave such an effective closer to his Peter’s bow.

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