IPRO and InfoGov.net publishing book on how to drive upstream

Tempe, Ariz., March 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – IPRO, the market leader in predictive eDiscovery and Information Governance software solutions for law firms, companies, government agencies and service providers, today announced the sponsorship of a book with InfoGov.net, a leading provider of resources and training for managerial challenges. The book and the ongoing collaboration with InfoGov.net is an extension of IPRO’s thought leadership around the convergence of Information Governance and eDiscovery, which has proven crucial in the legal industry.

Going from eDiscovery to Prediscovery, available on Amazon, is the first in a series of books that IPRO and InfoGov.net plan to publish. The titles will introduce new ways of thinking to help legal leaders address the challenges their organizations face in an age of multi-petabyte, multi-location and multi-format information sources.

“This book is a collection of leading ideas in the field of Information Governance designed to give Chief Legal Officers a new way forward. Although designed for CLOs, it has also proved useful for legal ops professionals. , journal managers and other information professionals who may be familiar with many of these concepts but who are less knowledgeable about how to implement them by promoting new processes across their organization, “said Inglis. . “The people who embrace these ideas will be the leaders of the next wave of the eDiscovery discipline.”

Advancement from eDiscovery to Presdiscovery is the third book written by Ingli, founder of InfoGov.net and former CEO of Content and Programming at ARMA International. It is the first book to introduce the discipline of Information Governance to a new profession, and believes that Information Governance should be an integral part of all organizations’ Risk Management strategy, which helps radically improve how organizations control their information assets.

With a forward from IPRO’s CEO Dean Brown, the book covers:

  • The current state of information management
  • The potential of technology to perform at various stages of eDiscovery
  • Identification of additional efficiencies that can be achieved by customizing IG and eDiscovery
  • Diagrams and graphics showing information management processes

“With a massive explosion of data that began long before the pandemic, concerns about global privacy and compliance, and the ever-present threat of breach, the convergence of IG and eDiscovery is not only timely but important,” Brown said. “We are proud to sponsor the authorship of this book and help unleash these concepts for our clients and partners worldwide.”

About IPRO

IPRO reinvents the way organizations interact with their data. By transforming EDRM and thinking “upstream”, we bring insight much earlier into the eDiscovery process, enabling teams inside and outside your organization to collaborate transparently at any time before data is even collected. By thinking about and interacting with your data differently, you will eliminate waste and reduce risk. We combine best-in-class management and eDiscovery software with predictive analytics to provide companies, government agencies, law firms and legal partners with the most open and effective solution to data challenges. We bring you this power with an obsession with time-to-value and your success.

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InfoGov.net is where information goes to work. An advocacy firm that defines new regulatory standards for providing long-form quality training to and lobbying services on behalf of the information management and information strategy community. Development of the next generation of information managers who, across collaborations, focus on solving information challenges across the company.

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