Inside Housing – News – Regulator examines London’s housing association’s economic viability

Shepherd’s Bush Housing Group (SBHG) is being investigated in relation to an issue that may affect its financial viability assessment, in addition to a previously announced study by its management.

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The regulator has updated its ratings under review for Shepherd’s Bush Housing Group #UKhousing

The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) has updated its ratings under review for the landlord in west London three months after it was first placed on the list due to management issues.

Landlords are placed on the regulator’s assessment list when examined for a condition that may affect their compliance.

SBHG was placed on the list in December due to management issues, but the update means that the landlord with 5,000 homes also risks being downgraded to a classification that does not meet the requirements.

Landlords remain on the rating list until the regulator completes its investigation and publishes a new narrative judgment.

SBHG currently has a rating of G2 / V2.

When the group was added to the regulator’s rating list in December, its CEO Matt Campion said it was “determined” to maintain its current rating and promised to work closely with the regulator to address its concerns.

In March 2020, it was found that SBHG had breached the Home Standard due to errors in its electrical and asbestos check.

On today’s update, Mr Campion said: “Although we are disappointed to have been placed on the list of grades under review, we are and have been committed to managing the group’s resources closely. The external environment is changing rapidly and as most RP We respond by being agile and continuously rescheduling, predicting and managing risks. We understand the role of the regulator in seeking security around business plans and we will work closely with them in the coming weeks and will do everything we can to satisfy their concerns. “

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