I went to a booze party in Vancouver and felt like Alice in Wonderland

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There’s a new immersive experience in Vancouver, BC, and I felt like I stepped in Alice in Wonderland when I left.

The location of this bubbly tea party is actually a secret, and all night is dedicated to the theme.

Let me tell you – I fell into the rabbit hole during The Alice: An Immersive Cocktail Experience, and it looked like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

As soon as I walked into the colorful and lively space, I was greeted positively by the mad hatter – who was in character all night. Every last detail was super on point and made me feel like I was in the book.

Outside of The Alice: An Immersive Cocktail Experience.Ashley Harris | Narcity

It was instantly a super nostalgic experience and reminded me of being a kid watching the iconic movie.

The psychedelic decor throughout the restaurant – transformed venue – was incredible.

Morgan Leet and Ashley Harris of Narcity in front of neon signs at the experience.Ashley Harris | Narcity

Mushrooms, maps, a giant Cheshire cat and everything resembling an Alice garden tea party were found.

Ashley Harris from Narcity in front of neon signs at the experience.Ashley Harris | Narcity

You feel really angry here, but that’s okay, because apparently “we’re all angry here.”

The neon decor inside the immersive experience.Ashley Harris | Narcity

There are so many unique cocktails that look like a bad tea party, and some even come with an “Eat Me” cookie!

A cup of tea with “Eat Me” cookie.Ashley Harris | Narcity

The best part of the whole experience is that you get to solve puzzles. With each one you solve, you get a mix to make your own cocktail with.

Ashley Harris stands in front of a neon Cheshire Cat.Ashley Harris | Narcity

You can run around and follow the tracks and hear the mysteries. Finally, once you have solved all the puzzles, you can fill your sparkling teapot cocktail.

A hand that creates bubbly cocktails for ourselves.Ashley Harris | Narcity

After all this was done, we even got a cocktail painting competition.

It was really super bubbly.

Our group paints drinks for the cocktail painting competition.Ashley Harris | Narcity

We used chocolate syrup to paint a picture on top of our drinks – and our table won!

A drink painted at the cocktail painting competition.Ashley Harris | Narcity

It was really a great and fun experience to check out with friends.

Best of all, this experience is indoors, so it provides the perfect weekend plans for rainy days.

The Alice: An immersive cocktail experience

Ashley Harris from Narcity sits on The Alice Experience.

Ashley Harris | Narcity

Price: $ 45 per person

Address: Secret location on East 33rd Ave., Vancouver, BC

Why you should go. This is the perfect plan for a fun drinks night with friends. Leave the classic bar and grab tickets to this unique experience – you will not regret it.


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