Hugh Grant rejects Doctor Who 14. Doctor casting rumors

TARDIS, covered by bright red cracks, emit smoke in a dark hallway.

This is also how we look when we try to treat these banana rumors.
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glory‘s Pablo Schreiber has an update on the series’ second season. ONE Suicide Squad breakout is set to join Fast and Furious 10. Elvira herself, Cassandra Peterson, is discussing joining Rob Zombie’s Monsters. Plus, new looks on Knights of the Moonand what happens Riverdale. Spoilers, away!

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Dr. Jekyll

Variety reports Lindsay Duncan and Simon Callow have joined the cast of Hammer Studios’ Dr. Jekyll in currently undisclosed roles.

Fast and Furious 10

According to The wrapping, The suicide group‘s Daniela Melchior is in talks to join the cast Fast and Furious 10.


Cassandra Peterson spoke Variety about playing her “super straight” character, Barbara, in Rob Zombie’s Monsters.

Here I play this character that is so different from what I usually do, I play a super straight character. Barbara is a normal woman, this real estate agent. It was exciting and scary, but it was really cool. I had the best time with all the actors I worked with and we had so much fun. The people there, the stage, they built the house – oh my god, it was all just magical. It was like Monsters came to life. It was insane.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force 2

In a recent interview with RVA Magrevealed Dana Sins the next Aqua Teen Hunger Force the film becomes a classic “get the band back together” story.

The movie is catching on right now and filling you up on everything. They are not together, for reasons I will not divulge. They’re making the classic ‘We need to get the band back together.’

Thor: Love and Thunder

Ankleren ‘s Jeff Sneider (via /Movie) reports that Christian Bale is currently recording remakes on Thor: Love and Thunder.


IFC Midnight has a new poster The hatchingcoming to the cinema on April 29th.


An unhappy woman is asked to attend a bizarre, Play squid-like experiment for the chance to win both “true enlightenment” and a “used habanero-orange compact SUV” in the trailer for Stanleyville.

Kong Tweety

We also have another trailer Kong Tweetya functional remake of King Ralph with Sylvester and Tweety coming live on DVD this summer.

Reginald the vampire

Variety reports Syfy has ordered ten episodes of Reginald the vampirean adaptation of Johnny B. Truant’s Fat vampire books starring Spider Man ‘s Jacob Batalon. The series will star in Batalon as the titular Reginald, “a newly transformed vampire who plunges into a world populated by beautiful, healthy and vain vampires. New on stage, he has to overcome various barriers, such as a bully of a boss “to fall for a human girl he can not get, and a vampire chief who wants him dead. Fortunately, Reginald discovers that he has a few powers of his own.”

Doctor Who

Hugh Grant rejected the latest, wild rumors he has been cast as the next doctor on Twitter.

Patrick Star Show

Cartoon reports Nickelodeon has ordered an additional thirteen episodes of Patrick Star Show.

Knights of the Moon

Ethan Hawke described his mysterious Moon Knight villain Arthur Harrow as a “reckless maniac” (as opposed to Oscar Isaacs “mentally ill hero”) in a new interview with /Movie.

The film stories are paved with storytellers who use mental illness as the building block for the villain. There are countless mentally ill villains and we have a mentally ill hero and it is fascinating because we have now turned the whole process around. Now, as an antagonist, I can not be crazy because the hero is crazy. So I have to find a mentally retarded insane, or a sensible malicious force.

Related, it looks like Harrow is summoning a demon in the latest clip.


Pablo Schreiber confirmed the second season of glory begins filming this summer in a new interview with Collider.

We’ll be filming again this summer. We are still figuring out exactly what the start date is, but we will be in production for summer time because we have a tough date where we have to be up and running to get a place that is weather affected.

Paramount + has also released yet another new trailer showing each of the series’ main characters.

Star Trek: Picard

Picard and co. continue exploring the hellish image that is modern Los Angeles (give or take a few years) in synopsis for this week’s episode, “Watcher.”

As time runs out to save the future, Picard takes matters into his own hands and seeks out an old friend for help. Meanwhile, Rios ends up on the wrong side of the law, and Jurati enters into an agreement with the Queen of Borg.

Teleplay by: Juliana James & Jane Maggs

History by: Travis Fickett & Juliana James

Instruction: Lea Thompson

[Spoiler TV]

Snow piers

Snow piers‘s third season concludes with the trailer for next week’s episode, “The Original Sinners”.


Finally, the Archie kids mourn Hiram Lodge in the trailer for “Death at a Funeral,” next week’s episode of Riverdale. Funny they do not mention the superpowersthough.

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