How to Avoid Traffic in South East London

You might have thought that was not possible, and to be honest we did not …

But the people who know south-east London best have told us how to avoid traffic in the area.

We asked News Shopper readers about their best tips for avoiding traffic in the southeastern part of the capital, and we got some helpful answers.

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Some, perhaps dubious, but others certainly helpful in getting around the eternally frustrating traffic jams.

So how do you avoid traffic in south east London?

Here goes …

“Do not drive in south east London”

“Move out of the area”

“Catch a bus or train”

“Move to West London”

“Travel by helicopter”

“Do not visit Dartford”

“Get an electric scooter”

“Do not go outside”

“Stay north of the river”

“Get a bike”

“Avoid the Southern Circular”

“Stay at home”

Which do you want to choose ?!

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