Heather Stefansson’s campaign donor list a who’s who in Winnipeg’s business elite

Some of Winnipeg’s business elite were among the biggest economic backers for Heather Stefansson’s bid to become Manitoba’s premier.

On Monday, Stefansson’s leadership campaign submitted its financial paperwork to Elections Manitoba.

It shows a who’s who from Winnipeg’s establishment who supports the leadership of the PC’s establishment candidate, who raised $ 576,625 in her successful campaign to lead the progressive Conservative party and in turn be premiered.

Her donors include Winnipeg Jets CEO Mark Chipman, Asper Foundation President Gail Asper, former Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz, Richardson Financial Group CEO Sandy Riley and Buhler Industries founder John Buhler.

All of these individuals donated the maximum individual amount of $ 3,000, with the exception of Katz, who offered $ 250.

Stefanson, a veteran MLA representing the prestigious Tuxedo constituency, beat Shelly Glover narrowly in October last year to win the party’s nomination. Glover challenged the results in court with allegations of voting problems, but she lost.

Preferred by top party supporters

From the start of the nomination race, Stefanson was seen as the party’s favorite. It was supported by the endorsements she collected from almost every sitting Tory MLA, and, it seems, by the list of donors and affluent people on it, from developers to entrepreneurs.

Some other notable donors include several members of the Richardson, Borger, and Shindleman families – all prominent in the Winnipeg industry – New Flyer President Paul Soubry and Shelter Corporation’s Arni Thorsteinson.

“During the campaign, Heather Stefanson had a team that organized the fundraising effort. She did not realize who officially donated to the campaign until after the election, when the full list was reviewed and thank-you notes were distributed,” said Jordan Sisson, management. campaign manager for Stefanson, in an email to CBC News.

In all, Stefansson’s campaign spent nearly $ 562,000, including spending $ 120,000 on salaries and fees, $ 97,000 in advertising, and nearly $ 85,000 in voting.

She was left with a profit of nearly $ 15,000.

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