HBO Max adds a Shuffle button to play random episodes

In the mood to watch “South Park” or “Friends” – but do you just want to watch a random episode? HBO Max has you covered now.

WarnerMedia’s HBO Max introduced this week a new “shuffle” button, a much-sought-after feature that allows users to play a random episode of a select selection of series on the platform.

The move comes nearly a year after Netflix officially launched Play Something, a shuffle option that picks up a TV show or movie based on subscribers’ viewing history or picked from their watch list.

HBO Max’s version of the shuffle button, on the other hand, does not cover everything on the service. Rather, it’s limited to 45 shows (so far), including “Friends,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “Looney Tunes,” “Rick & Morty,” “Teen Titans Go!”, And ” South Park. ” The company says the HBO Max shuffle is designed to randomize episodes within a given series because it “provides[s] users a certain context in the content they want to be displayed. “

“With an extra element of serendipity, choosing the shuffle button allows you to kick your feet up and start looking faster,” according to a WarnerMedia spokesman.

Another difference between Netflix and the HBO Max shuffle-play features: The HBO Max iteration is currently available globally in the desktop interface (web browser), while Netflix’s Play Something is available on connected TVs and Android phones and tablets .

Here is the full list of series currently available with the HBO Max shuffle feature (subject to local country availability): A World of Calm; Adventure Time; Anthony Bourdain: Unknown Parts; Apple & Onion; Chappelles Vis; Courage the Cowardly Dog; Craig of Creek; Fight your enthusiasm; Ed, Ed and Eddy; IS; Flight of the Conchords; Fresh Prince; Friends; Full house; Great Pottery Throwdown; Hot Ones; How it really happened; Impractical jokers; Key & Peele; Looney Tunes; Martin; Mike & Molly; Regular show; Reno 911 !; Rick & Morty; Robot chicken; Scooby-Doo, where are you !; Selena + Kok; Sesame Street; South Park; Teen Titans Go !; The Amazing World of Gumball; Big Bang theories; Boondocks; Mentalists; The middle; Nurse; Office (UK); Shot: Uninterrupted; Tom and Jerry; Total Dramarama; Two and a half men; We just bears; If Line is it anyway; Young Sheldon.

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