GTA 5 actor announces new book about his life and starring role in Rockstar’s game

Grand Theft Auto V Actor Shawn Fonteno has announced a new book about his life. Fonteno made his big breakthrough as Franklin Clinton GTA 5 in 2013 and most recently appeared in GTA Online’s The Contract update. The update follows an elderly Franklin who follows the events of the story, he has used his wealth and connections to become a fixer for celebrities in Los Santos. With Lamar and the player, Franklin takes on a contract from the infamous rapper Dr. Dre. The rapper asks the trio to recover some unreleased music that had been stolen, leading to a series of bombastic missions.

Now Fonteno is publishing a book that tells the story of how he became the star of history’s most profitable entertainment product. Shawn Fonteno’s New Book, “Game Changer: My Journey From the Streets to Your Video Game Console“will follow the actor’s life from being a gang banger to actor. According to a description on the book’s website, Rockstar saw value in Fonteno’s experiences in the real world and decided to cast him as one of the lead roles in GTA 5. Since Rockstar is notoriously secretive with behind-the-scenes information about its games, this can be a rare and valuable sneak peek into the production of one of the most acclaimed media ever. The book will be released on March 24, 2022 and can be purchased at for $ 9.99 (e-book) or $ 19.99 (paperback). There’s even a cartoon version of it for $ 4.99, but it seems to be the first installment in a series.

Shawn Fonteno’s unique story is one that is quite inspiring. The 53-year-old actor does not have many acting credits in his name, but he was able to leverage his personal experience to help get a role that can now be immediately recognized. In his honor, Fonteno stands in front of the other actors in GTA 5 and makes itself look like a seasoned vet.

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