Griffin’s inner drive led the Bulldogs into Suffolk’s history books

Cyriah Griffin guided King’s Fork to become the first elementary school girls team in town to win a state championship.

SUFFOLK, Va. – It was a mission recently performed for King’s Fork basketball team. The Bulldogs topped Millbrook to win the Class 4 title from the state capital of Richmond. They became the first girls’ team in Suffolk’s history to win a state championship. Leading was the guard, Cyriah Griffin. “This is the first. So it’s big for them,” she said after the match.

Head coach Maurice Fofana felt a huge sense of relief as his team had previously missed something. “It pays tribute to those before me who worked really hard. It was us who were able to get it,” he said.

The road has never been easy this past season for the Bulldogs. King’s Fork struggled through several lineup changes and stood at one point 3-3. Forfana said many had written them off, but it was Griffin to the rescue. Her track vision and ability to get everyone involved in games had unlimited value, and the scary part? She has just finished her second season. “Having a point guard is over half of your problems,” Fofana said.

Griffin found out she had to take responsibility if the Bulldogs got far. “I had to be a leader and go up”. In her eyes, she has just started, which means lots of problems for the opponents next season.

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