Gotham Knights director teases CW’s new Gotham City

Gotham Knights director Danny Cannon teases The CW’s new Gotham City, which will be shown in the potential DC TV pilot that is underway.

As Gotham Knights getting closer to starting production, the pilot director is giving new teases of The CW’s fresh bid for Gotham City. The Arrowverse has become an essential part of The CW since Arrow started in 2012. Every year since the Green Arrow drama debuted, the network has developed one DC TV show after another, i.a. Lightning, Superman and Lois, and many more. As some of the long-running series draw to a close, the CW is wasting no time finding the next set of characters to join their DC TV series.

2022 will be twice as good for the Gotham Knights as Warner Bros. not only produces a video game, but also a potential TV series for The CW. Although they have no ties to the upcoming RPG, CW’s iteration of Gotham Knights will focus on Bruce Wayne’s adopted son. He joins forces with children of various Batman villains to become Gotham City’s new patrons. Despite the fact that they come from three Batwoman producers / writers, the potential DC project is not considered a spinoff of the Arrowverse drama. One of the biggest indications is that Gotham Knights will shoot his pilot in a completely different city than the other DC shows.


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Unlike the other Arrowverse shows, Gotham Knights must record in Toronto instead of Vancouver, Canada. Danny Cannon, who is to direct the pilot, is currently busy scouting for placement as they get ready to shoot the series premiere. Although no exact date has been given yet, Cannon has previously shared that main photography will take place during April at some point. Watch the video and photos below to get a taste of what Gotham Knight’s Gotham City will look like this:

Since Arrowverse began, every show has – except Black Lightning has been based in Vancouver, including later additions such as Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman. Gotham Knights may be the first CW-DC show not filming in Vancouver, but it’s not the first Greg Berlanti-produced show to be filmed in Toronto. Although not part of Arrowverse, HBO Max’s Titans have shot all of their seasons in Toronto, which has included their own version of Gotham City. If Gotham Knights being picked up for series, it will be fascinating to see how The CW second Gotham City differs from Titans.

It’s a strong move too Gotham Knights’ the production must be located elsewhere as it has no ties to Batwoman or the arrow key. This shows Batman is dead when the series starts, so it already did not fit the continuity of Earth-Prime. It will be refreshing to see a Gotham who does not share a city with other DC TV shows. Something that will be easier to spot Lightning, Batwoman, and other shows, is when each show uses the same locations for different buildings in scenes. As they get ready to start rolling the cameras, more information is likely to come out Gotham Knightsincluding additional casting details.

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