Gordon Ramsay says he ‘can not stand’ people from Cornwall as he restarts the feud

Gordon Ramsay, 55, took a slap at his Cornwall neighbors on Radio 2 on Wednesday after coming under fire from residents to travel to his £ 4m second home during the lockdown.

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Gordon Ramsay says he ‘can not stand Cornish’

Gordon Ramsay hit his Cornwall neighbors again on Wednesday when he told Vernon Kay on BBC Radio 2 that he “can not stand Cornish”.

The 55-year-old celebrity chef resumed his bitter feud after coming under fire in 2020 for taking a 246-kilometer journey to his £ 4million second home on the coast to spend lockdown with his family.

Speaking about what his dream job would be to make, Gordon said, “I would go down to the beautiful Cornish coast and get a little line-caught sea bass and do it with a little light mashed potatoes.

“Believe me, I’m totally crazy about Cornwall, it’s just Cornish I can not stand.”

The 55-year-old celebrity chef resumed his bitter feud after in 2020 he came under fire from residents in the area to take a 246-kilometer trip to his second home of £ 4 million.


Greg Martin / Cornwall Live)

A stunned Vernon laughed nervously and said, “He did not tell me that. He did not say that to me. Okay, so we have already upset part of the nation, Gordon.”

To which Gordon replied, “I’m sorry. I promise I meant it.” Vernon told him, “Okay, Vicky has been on and she’s said, ‘Oi! I’m Cornish and I’m nice.’

At the time, Gordon’s arrival sparked concern among neighbors as they feared more people would flock to the area, where residents rallied after him for riding 60 miles by bike in the county.

He said at the time, “There was no law that said you should only ride for an hour and an hour.”

Earlier this week, the TV star defended his decision to travel from his mansion in south-west London to the property to isolate himself with his wife Tana, 47, and five children; Megan, 21, twins Holly and Jack, 22, Tilly, 20, and Oscar, two.

Gordon infuriated his Cornwall neighbors for riding 60-mile bike rides along the coast during lockdown



In an interview with the Radio Times, Gordon hit back at allegations that they ‘snuck down’ to the coast and said he loved the time they spent together as a family.

“God knows why we took so much s ** t from Cornish. We lived down there; we had just not been down there for a long time. We did not sneak down there at all,” Gordon said.

“We got there at a convenient time and had an absolutely amazing time. And such a time – we will never come back again. When the kids started disappearing again, I did not want it to end – as a father, not a chef. “

Gordon isolated with his wife Tana, 47, and five children; Megan, 21, twins Holly and Jack, 22, Tilly, 20, and Oscar, two, on the expansive property


Gordon Ramsay / Instagram)

According to The Sun, locals even threatened to reveal Gordon’s address if he did not go.

They scolded a Facebook group called You Shouldn’t Be Here, where angry Cornwall residents named and embarrassed celebrities and wealthy families who moved to their second home in the area to escape the coronavirus outbreak in busy cities.

A person writing about Ramsays reportedly said, “The big ass was going to take himself and his family to hell out of Cornwall.”

Another claimed: “He hovers around the shops as if nothing is wrong. He has had pool engineers pass by. There is no defense at all.”

Mirror Online contacted Gordon’s representatives for comment at the time.

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