Francis Bacon x THAMES MMXX Collection Release

For its latest collaboration, Blondey McCoy’s THAMES MMXX has teamed up with Francis Bacon’s property on a full collection. Consisting of twelve styles, the special selection is centered around selected paintings by the Irish-born British figure painter.

A work jacket, hoodie, round neck sweater, viscose shirt, T-shirts, beach towel, skateboards and printed booklet bring THAMES MMXX’s distinctive bid for streetwear with Francis Bacon’s raw images. Selected works include Study from Portrait of Pope Innocent X by Velázquez (1959), Two figures lying on a bed with companions (1968), Self-portrait (1969), Oedipus and the Sphinx after Ingres (1983) and Chicken (1982). By ensuring the original qualities of each painting, the compositions and the emotionally charged color characteristics of the images depicting popes, self-portraits, nude character studies, mythology and flesh are retained. In addition, the limited number of 100 and numbered skate-deck paintings split, reflecting Bacon’s affinity for separating his compositions.

Limited to 1,000 copies and free with the first 250 orders, the accompanying booklet highlights the breadth and depth of Francis Bacon’s life and work, art directed by Blondey. The print shows pictures of the collection’s campaign, with the Swedish skateboarder Ludvig Håkansson in the lead role and taken by the renowned fashion photographer Daniel Martensen. Pictures of the paintings in the collection are also displayed with selected quotes.

“For six or seven years now I have caught myself standing in front of the devil’s great paintings, not quite unable to appreciate them as such … but always, always noticed the voice in my head saying, ‘it is great, but it’s not Bacon, ‘or words in that direction. Stupid, I know, but there you are. I try to suppress the voice. To simply appreciate other painters and paintings for who or what they are. But the man put the bar at such a height or rather such that I find it almost impossible.THAMES MMXX. x Francis Bacon collection is
an attempt to thank him for it, ”said Blondey McCoy, founder and creative director of THAMES MMXX.

Check out the selection above and look for the Francis Bacon x THAMES MMXX collection, which is available on the THAMES MMXX website on March 25 at. 7 EDT.

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