Fit Check: Hopkins Creek Festival

The festival season has arrived for the first time since 2020.

The sun came out in full force over the weekend as a couple of thousands who were waiting took the trip up to Tatyoon, Victoria. There they gathered for the four-day bonanza, where they celebrated “music and friendship”, ie. Hopkins Creek. Postponed not once, not twice, but already three times, the festival had finally returned.

After several years spent confined in the comfortable isolation of a home, the thought of spending three nights and four days in social company without the luxury of a shower would have been unthinkable for some. It scared me and I’m a self-described wild girl.

Hopkins Creek is not really a costume-like festival – most outfits seemed to be just a little more fun versions of people’s everyday clothes – but the only experience of being out in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere, surrounded by hot and sexy like-minded people – your own mind possibly attracted to heat, booze and illegal drugs – will do interesting things by your personal style.

And there really is no better place than a festival where one can sit back and appreciate the style of large sections of people who mostly exude impeccable atmosphere.

As I sat on the hill basking in the generous sunshine, I wanted to know how the beautiful people felt about their outfits. So I asked them.

Nelson, 25

VICE: You look amazing. Can you give me an overview of the fit?

Nelson: I have Demonia platform ugg boot thingamajiggies on. And I’ve wearing this Savers top and a skirt that I found the same day, and it’s kind of fitted any outfit since.

What is the most important thing when dressing for a festival?

I think … to be comfortable, and I think … sexy. That’s probably number one. And I think shit that can get wet, stuff that dries quickly, so it’s just as much.

What has been a highlight, a lowlight or maybe something you have absolutely loathed – is it a cockroach?

Where? Oh. Yes. It’s obviously the best way to survive on a beach. You only eat the cockroaches. In fact, though.

Super high protein content.

It’s like the most sustainable way to eat because they just multiply.

And they are also so easy to catch. I feel that other animals are too difficult for us to catch in the wild.

Yes. Back in Taiwan, we just eat insects on the street. But they are really nicely cooked, like cricket chips, seasoned with turmeric. Bug spaghetti … you have not lived.

Sorry, what was the question?

Uhh I do not know. Where were you going when we interrupted you?

I was on my way to get a cup of coffee, but I thought, “hmm, that’s the wrong way”.

Gabby, 24

VICE: I love this outfit. Can you give me an overview of what you’re up to?

Gabby: I have a blue mesh top with contrast stitching on, and then I wear white lace pants that are a little transparent and I have a matching blue lace string.

Delicious. And the nuances?

These are some up shop shades that I cultivate. I like that they make me look a little brave, and maybe even scary – a kind of speed dealer-like, but not speed dealer, you know? They’re somewhere between that and mobsters.

And the shoes?

These are another up shop find, they are great Saddle Club-like boots.

It’s like Toorak’s mother, but Prada. I love these shoes. Do you think you look good?

I think I look great. I feel beautiful, I feel like I can take on everything today. And I’m ready to dance.

What is the most important thing for you when you have to dress for the festival?

Movement, breathability, and that some of mine ass-ets are displayed.

Harry, under 30

VICE: I love your outfit, please tell me about it.

Harry: This is a ladies jacket, from the grocery store, and then I have a blanket like a scarf, slippers, some Wicked Witch of the West socks and some comfortable sweaters. My rings are made of Honey + Bent.

Please describe what “Wicked Witch of the West” socks are.

Black and white stripes. They are knee-high.

What is your rising sign?

I do not know … I think you need to know when you will be born. My mother probably does not even know. Maybe at 16.00, but then I have to look it up.

Ok, what’s your primary astrology sign?

I’m a cheetah. It’s a good one.

Would you wear this outfit in your daily life?

Not with this carpet scarf … it’s a festival vibe.

But I have stupid shit all the time, the most ridiculous shit. It is fun. If I’m a hangover, or if I have to work, I want a silky purple thing on, something super bright. If you feel low, dress sharply and you will feel sharp.

Any advice for the kids on dressing cool?

I have all these bad jokes in my head. They are too stupid to say.

If it’s really bad, I do not post it.

No, you put it in! I know how you journalists are.

None! This is supposed to be fun, I’m not trying to sew you together. Please, only one.

Do not forget to wear underwear.

Camilla, 24

VICE: What is your favorite part of your outfit?

Camilla: My belt. I got it at a market in Byron … So lame, I know.

None! It is hot. What is your rising sign?

Leo lol.

Of course it is.

Of course it is!

Would you wear this fit outside the festival?

I liked after work vibes at night. To the club or to the tablecloth, I think … I do not know.

Henrik, 23

VICE: What are you wearing today?

Henry: I’m wearing Sexiaz lingerie … a hot pink singlet and a whale tail.

What made you wear this outfit?

Group pressure.

Lmao. Do you think you look good?

Of course.

How does this, today, in this moment, fit you to feel?

As if I can do anything!

Highlight / low light at the festival?

The highlight was supposed to be when Mia poured a drink into my pants and had a water fight in front of the dance floor. Lowlight … The tray stinks a little. Going up and down is a pain in the ass.

Yes, we walked 17 km yesterday from midnight to noon.

Fuck it haha.

Harry, 23

VICE: SO sweet. Please give me an overview of what you are wearing!

Harry: I basically have these Piko jeans – they’re a Hawaiian surf brand, it’s really hard to find them, but I found some deadstock. I’m obsessed with a baggy-pants-fun-moment. This top is just some shit from Depop that they sell as “JPG adjacent”. And they often look really shattered, so I did not expect much, but it came with the mail, and I thought, “I … have a JPG moment.”


And this necklace is sexual euphoria. It’s my housemate’s necklace. When I put this on, I AM the non-binary twink I always should be. This necklace is everything.

These sunglasses are the shitty ones they always have at Lost and Found Market, the kind of places they have them all, I’m sure they’s from AliExpress or some shit. But I’m having fun with them.

Do you think you look good?

I hope so.

What is the most important thing for you when you have to dress for the festival?

I think a lot of it is … I’m just a self-conscious person. So it’s like, “should I be convicted of this,” like “am I that girl?”. But then again, it’s so fun to be turned up and just be like “hey world, it’s me”, so I think it’s finding a balance between the two.

You look really great. Any advice on future style icons?

Yes, bring a hairbrush. And bring hair, because this shit was fucked this morning. And no one has a hair dryer. That’s bad.

Yes, no one brought a generator to use one. You could start a dropout salon next time?

I would.

We wanted to set up a drop-off tent. However, to ASMR. Gay-SMR.

All photos by Kallista Richards.

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