First holiday weekend in Ottawa with few COVID-19 restrictions

This is the first holiday weekend in years with few COVID-19 restrictions in place.

Religious leaders mark Good Friday for the beginning of the Easter weekend, and tonight will mark the beginning of Easter.

In Ottawa, the Way of the Cross, a Catholic tradition, was led from St. Patrick’s Basilica of Notre Dame Cathedral.

“I was really pleased with the attendance,” said Brian Butcher, who leads the choir. “A lot of people just feel the need to be together, to pray with other people, to sing with other people and have the human experience.”

Hundreds of people gathered for the walk on Friday morning, which was held in person for the first time since 2019.

“I felt like being together was a beautiful beginning after COVID,” said David McConkey, who organized the walk. “A way for us to get back together.”

Many traveled out of town to attend the gathering.

“We think of my boyfriend’s father because he died, and on Sunday it’s his birthday,” said Bryan Mauricio, who is visiting from Toronto.

“It’s the first time I’m returning to Canada and Ottawa in five years, and it was a real pleasure to be here this Easter weekend on Good Friday,” said Lisa Gilbert, who is visiting from the United States.

This is the first holiday weekend with few restrictions since the pandemic started.

Ontario’s health minister says the sixth wave has reached its peak and cases are expected to fall soon.

Many are looking for a chance to enjoy family reunions.

“It feels nice to have our mother-in-law with us, too,” said Lindsay Graves, a resident of Ottawa. “We haven’t had a vacation with her in a long time.”

As many people gather for gatherings, other precautions with cases in the country’s capital continue to be high.

“I wear a mask when I have to,” said Marie Victoria Nigro. “I always wear it on public transport and we will see how it goes with the lifting of restrictions, it is always to wait and see.”

Experts say that to reduce your risk of getting COVID-19, it is important to wear a mask indoors and during gatherings.

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